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  1. Madison
    Hey madtown! I'm 30 down in 2 weekends and still above water. I want to delve into weekday mornings but... What's are some good places to be around? I commute from Janesville to West Side Madison for work. Where should I avoid? How can I help make sure I'm at work by 8am? If you were...
  2. St. Louis
    Hello. I have been driving for a while and enjoying the forum a great deal. I am NOT asking for places and hot spots. I'm only asking this: I am a teacher and was thinking of driving during the weekdays during the summer as compared to the weekends now. My question is, is there enough action...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Do you seek out and work the hot spots? I generally stay local M-F. Not much goes down here in the 'burbs but local rides for the most part. Occasionally someone may want a ride to Pasadena or Fullerton and I'll work there for a time but I generally don't go out to the hot spots unless a...
1-3 of 3 Results