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  1. New Jersey
    How much do you make in a week and how many hours you guys work?
  2. San Francisco
    Suddenly this week there seems to be a jump in SFPD traffic stops, 101 north had cars pulled over near the 3rd st exit all night, also coming back in at the top of Lincoln/Kezar. Could be for public safety though.
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello, I am looking for drivers on this forum that are averaging 500$+ a week working part time. I have a few questions and would appreciate a moment of your time. Thank you
  4. Complaints
    Host Leo Laporte and friends discuss the beast of Uber on: This Week In Tech.
  5. Boston
    Hello there, first i would like to thank all the Uber drivers for their service and I want to let you guys know that your service is highly appreciated. I am in the middle of conducting a research paper about uber and it's busines model. If you guys could help me with one of my questions I would...
  6. Chicago
    Uber is no longer offering drive Incentives to Polish people. 2nd week has gone by and i am no longer receiving drive incentives. Any lawyers out there that can help me with this or offer advise here please? Originally posted this tread here...
  7. Chicago
    Special Uber Week Incentive for Polish people only. Week 2/24 - 2/26. Anyone else also so blessed? My American friends what is yours? I suspect this is what my week incentives are going to look like week after week. Thoughts?
  8. Montreal (French Canada)
    How many hours do you Uber in a week ?
1-8 of 8 Results