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  1. New York City
    https://people.com/human-interest/micaela-otoole-jared-thomas-uber-marry-ride-kansa/amp/ Tldr: dude hopped in poop ride (wife to be was the driver) , met chick riding in poop ride... now they married... :wtf: So for all you looking for love take them poop rides... to meet your husband or...
  2. Stories
    Warning language: The crap Drivers deal with is unreal. He did his own editing. He helps you keep count. Lol
  3. Dallas
    A couple weeks ago I went to Three Forks in Plano, TX around 11PM. No idea what was going on except that no one was coming to my vehicle for a ride. After several minutes, a woman put a bag in my minivan and said wait just a few minutes. It was getting close to 10 minutes before the bride and...