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  1. Stories
    I don't recall this being posted (almost two months old at present), but I came across this on YT and thought this a good teachable moment from many aspects. Just a little bit of background here before people jump in. The woman was allegedly a working girl and was possibly looking to turn a...
  2. Seattle
    https://sso.cmgdigital.com/static/server.html?origin=https://www.wftv.com/news/local/uber-driver-shoots-kills-man-who-was-threatening-him-in-polk-county-officials-say/822975102 Boyfriend with criminal record suspects his girlfriend is in an Uber that just drove away from a bar, but pax is just...
  3. Stories
    Me: So what's the March about? Pax: To ban automatic assault rifles and to start doing background checks. Me: Do you mean AR15s? Pax: Yeah, there is no need for anyone to have an automatic weapon. Me: But AR15 isn't automatic though? Pax: Yeah it is. Me: (I usually don't argue with pax but...
  4. New Jersey
    In one of my facebook groups I belong to, a question was asked about the legality of carrying a stun gun for self defense while driving for Uber. I thought I would share a summary that was written, and posted by Evan Nappen, the most foreknown Firearms attorney in NJ. Dissertation was written by...
  5. News
    A Portland woman said she was banned from working as a Lyft driver because she defended herself from a threatening passenger. Now, she's hoping her story will persuade the ride share company to evaluate their non-lethal weapons policy. The part-time Uber and Lyft driver, who asked to remain...
  6. News
    http://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/uber-passengers-found-with-drugs-cash-weapon-according-to-police/566611068 An Uber driver was pulled over in Penn Township early Thursday morning for a minor issue with his car, but his passengers quickly became the focus. The driver was just doing his job...
  7. Advice
    Is there anything we can be doing to effectively pressure Uber, Lyft, et al to stop threatening riders and drivers who choose to arm themselves?
  8. News
    http://abc7.com/news/uber-driver-arrested-in-costa-mesa-with-drugs-knife-police-say/1471061/ Also has a warrant for his arrest.
  9. Perth
    Anyone keep any self defence apparatus in your cars? Pepper spray? Tasers? Baton? Knuckle dusters ? Pistols?
  10. Las Vegas
    Had a friend/co-worker get shot in the head when I was driving a cab. Taxicab Authority in Las Vegas said we can not defend ourselves because if no driver got killed every few years they could not justify their existence. I always carry multiple weapons of varying severity when I am working. I...
  11. Montgomery County
    Regarding UBER's "NO GUN" Policy. I have recently been in a Facebook discussion with drivers going back and forth with different information regarding the UBER FireArms Policy. I did extensive research and wanted to make sure my fellow drivers knew exactly what the policy is now and understood...
1-12 of 12 Results