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  1. New Jersey
    I recently completed a trip using Ubers in app navigation . I noticed that the riders detail says I drove 20.28 miles but Google maps says the trip is 23 miles. Same route point to point. ?
  2. Technology
    Does anybody know how Uber Driver gives the destination info to Waze? Like, does Uber Driver give it the address vs. the latitude & longitude vs. the name of the place?
  3. Advice
    I have not yet started driving as I've only just purchased my car and trying to figure it all out. I'm slightly technically challenged although I fully understand the drivers app AND I also fully understand my Android Auto. I'm quite dissapointed to find that the uber app does not work via AA...
  4. Minneapolis
    So, yeah... finally started using it... And I love it. So... why did I wait so long to start using WAZE? Probably cause I wanted to make sure I learned the systems first and the "ropes" and now after 5 months of driving, I've plugged in Waze App to Uber and Lyft and seems to work better. No...
  5. News
    Full story: https://nordic.businessinsider.com/google-waze-carpool-uber-lyft-rival-2018-10/ Starting on Wednesday, the Waze Carpool app will enable users to find rides from Waze drivers that are headed in the same direction, not unlike Lyft Line and Uber Pool, the startups' respective...
  6. Chicago
    I know this has been periodically mentioned in other threads but wanted something to really help evaluate what works best in different situations. I finally downloaded Waze in March and since then have been comparing them head to head since. I use Google for Uber but do a lot of driving for my...
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    Way too often GPS (google maps) brings me to a correct address but instead of pointing me to a frontdoor it gives me clear direction to a backdoor. Here it is most recent example address: 1326 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON google maps: link GPS brought me exactly to the back alley of the house where...
  8. Toronto (Ontario)
    I just uninstalled Waze it has been giving me the worst directions sush as, sending me to a toll road where it is specifically set to avoid that and sending me to the worst roads you would take DT.
  9. Seattle
    Gryft recently offered me $780 if I amassed 70 rides in a week @ 90% AR. I've read here (and on the chaotic Lyft forum) about how Gryft tries to keep drivers from achieving their last few qualifying rides, but my problem is at the other end of the week. More often than not, I can barely...
  10. Technology
    Waze locks up anytime the phone rings or a call is dialed. Other than that, it seems to be working with Uber again. Once it freezes, it's totally dead. You cannot get it back except by REBOOTING the entire damn phone. The freezing does not seem related to Uber -- still happens if I have never...
  11. News
    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.engadget.com/amp/2018/03/20/waze-carpool-ride-sharing-app-washington-state/&ved=0ahUKEwjBmaCxuvvZAhVYHGMKHSxwBWEQiJQBCC0wAw&usg=AOvVaw2mU8EqX5sq4Ug80hUyTmZ1&ampcf=1 An hour long commute on Waze will cost $7??
  12. San Diego
    Is there a way to tell within Waze which side of the street your destination is on? Quite often you can't get over (due to traffic) in time without advance warning. Apple maps will tell you if the destination is on the left or right. Thank you!
  13. Toronto (Ontario)
    http://www.iphoneincanada.ca/news/toronto-real-time-traffic-waze/ Toronto Now Shares Real-Time Traffic Data with Waze to Ease Congestion BY GARY NG The City of Toronto has officially announced it is now sharing real-time traffic data with Waze, to allow drivers to navigate the city with ease...
  14. Toronto (Ontario)
    Now on we will have even more accurate traffic updates on waze! My suggestion is to keep waze in background even if you don’t use it since it warns you about hazards, cops, traffic light camera and constructions. Please if you also see anything unusual report it on Waze.
  15. Technology
    While using Waze, I'm consistently missing rides. I'm using an IPad 4, which may be affecting visibility of the notifications. These notifications usually pop up for a few seconds at most. I have tried changing the settings of the Ipad itself, so it displays alerts for longer, but they are...
  16. Lyft
    I drove Lyft for the first time today. When I clicked pick up, the Waze app opened automatically. However, it did not have the destination entered. It was just the Waze home screen. Each time, I had to manually enter the address into Waze. I thought the address would be automatically imported...
  17. Toronto (Ontario)
    Just submitted all paperwork to start driving everything is Green and active , Status says: ONBOARDING. ( I'm assuming background check ) - Is smoking a Yes or NO: - Eating Y/N: - GPS: Waze, google M, Apple M, etc.. ? : - How long (hours) do you spend in vehicle to make $1000 gross (AVERAGE)...
  18. New Jersey
    If you're driving somewhere anyway and paying tolls isn't any money you get reimbursed a bonus?
  19. New Jersey
    I finally got my UBER app updated and they letting me use UBER Navigation System which they claimed got updated and improved in order to provide a better driving experience, blah blah blah... Well I use Google Maps and I cant complain, I downloaded the state of NJ to be available offline on my...
  20. Technology
    How to make more money by using Waze Navigation I know the thread title sounds kind of sketchy, but hear me out... Using Waze doesn't require alot of brain power. Even a first time user should have no problem figuring it out. You need to give it a fair trial though. Try using it for a week...
1-20 of 56 Results