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  1. New York City
    I'm a reporter working on a story on Uber and wheelchair accessibility in NYC. I haven't seen many drivers at all quoted in stories about this topic so I'm really hoping to get input from some of you and hear your perspective. I would love to hear from drivers who have driven with Uber WAV or...
  2. Stories
    I was scanning through the TNC code for the fun of it, and found out that WAV rides cannot impose a surge on pax under any circumstances. In my city. #4 on the screenshot.
  3. Chicago
    Anybody get the "new" WAV marketing email? I got mine 2 days ago. On its face, it's interesting but reading the footnote creates a WTF moment. Now why would uber send out expired incentives? With no perpetual incentives and up to $2K/month to "rent" a Tonka toy? No thanks. Hope nobody else...
  4. Chicago
    So... just a few mins ago I received a phone call from a San Francisco area number asking me if I was "interested in more info on joining the Uber WAV program". Told them hell no and hung up. F*#k Uber.
  5. New York City
    Come on guys we need more WAV for NYC. Turn those suburbans into WAV and you will get even more suv pings. Some ideas provided below:D:D:confused: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-uber-lawsuit-idUSKBN1A31QU
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    The majority of WAV vehicles, I know of, are operated by Taxi companies.
1-6 of 6 Results