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  1. San Francisco
    And tell us Johnny, WHAT HAS THIS UBER DRIVER WON FOR HIS WASTED DAY COUPED UP IN HIS CAR??????? Well Bob.... he wasted his gas, he made $41.00 dollars, got pissed on by the heavy rain. Flipped off by a cop.... and he gets sh%t today for his efforts, and now sits in a parking lot where he could...
  2. Advice
    I recently started driving for lyft and uber. Unless someone can convince me otherwise I am done accepting lyft line or uber. #1 lyft line means the passenger is cheap and trying to save money which means 99% chance you won't get tipped or get tipped poorly. #2 it pays terrible, I did a lyft...
  3. Advice
    Last Saturday, I responded to a trip that disappeared from my app as I was on my way to the pickup. I attributed this to a glitch in my phone and picked up the rider anyway. Note: I did not see a cancellation notice at any time 20 minutes and about 15 miles later, I dropped off the rider...
1-3 of 3 Results