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  1. Technology
    Why does Uber still have this seemingly useless feature?
  2. Flex
    They recruit over saturated drivers and grab a block is next to impossible. The app teases you the peekaboo way to despise and waste your time. The app shows you the available offerings. No matter how fast you grab it, the result is the same. Sorry, this block has been taken already. One minute...
  3. Melbourne
    Well, after over a year of driving and owing the tax office around $3K ($2100 income tax 2016 + $995 Q4 GST + PAYG Income tax installment) I have decided that UBER driving is just not worth it in 2017. You actually end up losing lots of what you earn, and even though we get GST credits, after...
  4. Ratings
    So basically I see on so many threads that a Driver accepts a passenger and then for one reason or another decides to cancel on that passenger. I then see that the same passenger puts out another request and it is routed back to the same driver. Does this really happen (on both Uber and Lyft?)...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Just received a text from Uber congratulating me for driving with them for a year. I drive UberX. Driving a 2011 Prius which am still paying off. I'm finding these $1 a mile fare ridiculous. With that pay off you are basically earning ~50c a mile after you factor in the miles it takes you to...
1-5 of 6 Results