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  1. Complaints
    Been waiting well over an hour in the queue at OAK. Went from being in the 50’s to the top 5 and sat there for a long while. Got 3 non-terminal requests and declined them. That’s not why I’m f’ing waiting in the f’ing queue; to drive some a-hole 5 blocks to his job at the 7-11. Then I got the...
  2. Washington DC
    They spend time on this shit but can't get a working app... www.qz.com/1460759/uber-defines-21-categories-of-sexual-misconduct-from-leering-to-rape/ Just so you know what not to do: Sexual misconduct Staring or leering Comments or gestures: asking personal questions Comments or gestures...
  3. Washington DC
    We joke about the Dulles Soccer Field/Loudoun County Fair but seriously this is ridiculous. Long story short got a DF trip that took me to Dulles. DF was almost done and I needed one more trip for the $7 Consecutive Trip Bonus. I killed the DF while still in D.C. thinking it would give me a...
  4. San Francisco
    So my email has been bombarded with Lyft sending me alerts about St. Patrick's day events... Let me tell you, the first year with these companies it was an exctement to earn more then the $300 per day wage. After the first year and no additional earnings I attempted the second year hopeful...
  5. San Francisco
    And tell us Johnny, WHAT HAS THIS UBER DRIVER WON FOR HIS WASTED DAY COUPED UP IN HIS CAR??????? Well Bob.... he wasted his gas, he made $41.00 dollars, got pissed on by the heavy rain. Flipped off by a cop.... and he gets sh%t today for his efforts, and now sits in a parking lot where he could...
  6. Houston
    They can’t even make NYE worth it. What a disappointment. A prostitute makes more than us.
1-6 of 6 Results