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  1. New York City
    http://www.fox5ny.com/news/judge-uber-lyft-annoying-ads NEW YORK - Like it or not, we may be seeing a whole lot more ads in cabs. A judge gave the green light Thursday to a firm called Vugo that wants to put ads in cars driven for Uber, Lyft, and similar companies. "Vugo now has immediate...
  2. Tips
    I know the beef from Uber & some riders about the enjoyment of the cashless experience. Has anyone used a cashless platform so that riders can tip? I'm considering the following and would like your feedback. (1). Square reader-tap & go (2). Square Slider-slide the card (3). PayPal (4). Venmo...
  3. Tips
    I have tried exploring Vugo and Tripcam which generally have good user interfaces and the tipping process (which is all I am interested in) is relatively simple. Tripcam's app is not compatible with square and you have to buy their hardware Vugo requires the use of a paypal account and that is...
  4. Dallas
    I've seen Vugo stuff in other markets, but haven't seen anything in the DFW market. Have any of you tried out Vugo? http://www.govugo.com/drive/ If so, how is it working out? It seems cumbersome, having to input your destination through the Vugo app prior to beginning the trip, and seems...
  5. Ads

    Do any of you drive for uber and lyft with an ad on your rear window? I want to do that for some extra money but I don't know how. I tried wrap match but they scammed me. I can't call them, they won't call me and the send me junk email. I also have Vugo but that's a worthless app with no ads on...
  6. Technology
    During each ride, vugo ads are being displayed the entire time. But at the end of each trip it says "ads shown: 0". What's the deal with that? Have any of had this happen? How did you fix it? Thank you! P.s. This is my first post. I just joins ten minutes ago :D
1-6 of 7 Results