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  1. Phoenix
    So, I some how used 15Gig of data in two weeks and have been throttled by Verizon. Its clearly effecting my ability to earn. I can sit and watch XL's get pings for an hour straight! FML! I reset my phone and it appeared to help. I researched and getting a cheap line of service so I can stream...
  2. Chatter
    Half-a-Billion downloads since 2008. Hides your IP-address. Free to around 97% of its users. New controversy: Snooping in addition to known tracking and tons of advertisement. _____ https://www.bestvpn.com/privacy-news/hotspot-shield-accused-snooping/ Hotspot Shield Accused of Snooping on Users...
  3. Technology
    Is the Uber Partner app compatible with Android phone VPN software? In other words, if I run my VPN software while running the Uber Partner app, will the VPN prevent me from receiving pickup notices, etc.? Thanks, -Z
  4. Advice
    Anyone use the partner app with a VPN? any issues if you do this?