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  1. New Jersey
    So anyone know what this is about? Just got this email saying I’m an Uber VIP and will be matched with higher rated drivers. If this is true, then hopefully it’s a small step in the right direction. If it works right, it should give us something to care about (even if it’s a little) about our...
  2. Atlanta
    Last week I picked up VIP rider from the Atlantic Station. She was visiting from Miami and you can tell she was RICH lady in her late 50’s. Well, she had 3 other companion girls with her sitting in the back seat and this VIP Rich Lady sat up front with me but did not care to put on her seat belt...
  3. Ratings
    I do a lot of things to increase my ratings, which has in turn resulted in me obtaining VIP DRIVER status. 1. I have an UBER flag on the passenger door 2. I have a flashing UBER logo for night use that easily identifies my car to passengers. 3. I have magnetic signs on the back passenger...
1-3 of 3 Results