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  1. Phoenix
    been seeing this demand/request lately from those third party medical appointments and the answer is always the same! Got to put them in their place. They use VEYO too much here in Phoenix and thinkthey can get away with these demands. Has anyone else been seeing this?
  2. Phoenix
    can some that actually drives for veyo tell what is involved in getting activated start to finish dont leave anything out i had a bad experience with discount cab so i stay away from anything that has to do with that company but im reading and hearing that you could make some money with veyo .Im...
  3. Tucson
    Need to know if anyone knows the insurance coverages for veyo. Thank you in advance!
  4. Phoenix
    Does anyone have the actual coverage amounts of the Commercial insurance while you have a fare in your car? This would help me greatly thank you in advance.
  5. Phoenix
    Well Veyo has officially become crap. I use to do pretty good but the market is so saturated now. Yesterday a customer vomitted in my back seat on her way home. I smelled it and handed her a bunch of napkins. When she got out in Fountain Hills I saw the mess. Not terrible but had to dead...
1-6 of 6 Results