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  1. Washington DC
    On a serious note for a moment: I won't say "Happy Veteran's Day" because it's not really a festive day. I will say a big "Thank You!" to the Veterans amongst us. Thank you for doing what you do/did so we have the freedom to be the Deplorable ****ups we are. Now back to your regularly...
  2. Washington DC
    I’m jumping the gun and declaring Veteran’s Day a BUST !! What do think ??? - I’m avoiding DCA as the shiiteshow it is... AVOID at all Costs!! Think BWI may be good, maybe.
  3. Boston
    Friday is Veterans Day! I know some businesses stay open so they can have the day after Thanksgiving off! Will Friday wind up being a quiet day or will it still be a normal day for Lyft and Uber?
1-3 of 3 Results