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  1. Complaints
    Two nights ago, I went offline with Uber as I was on my way into a surge area north of Vancouver. When I got closer, I tried to log back in but the app said I had to verify my identity and asked me to take a selfie. Of course, it wouldn’t let me do it until I stopped my car. I was on I-5. I had...
  2. Stories
    Has anyone else gotten a call from a Chicago number from someone posing as Uber asking for me to verify that I was the correct driver. They then texted me a message asking for my email address and Uber password. They said if I didn’t send it that my account would be suspended for 30 days. Also...
  3. Washington DC
    I think it may need a little work. I'll show the unedited version at the Meetup Sunday. Heading into 2.0X Boost zone and turned app on. Of course NOW it decides it wants to verify my identity. I did this and it accepted it. To quote the late Casey Kasem: Ponderous man, fornicating ponderous.
  4. San Francisco
    Is anyone having any trouble with the verify identity feature on the app? I was forced to pull over in the middle of morning rush hour to snap a screenshot of my face. Once I get to the circle where I tap to snap a picture, the stupid button won't work to take the picture. It's definitely not...
1-4 of 4 Results