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  1. My U/L Rides. (Now retired.)

    My Prius C2 (on the right.) My Corolla. Does great in snow (especially with 3 sandbags in the trunk 😉) I no longer own the Prius but I still have the Corolla (and GTI which was never a rideshare car.) Since retiring the Corolla from Gig Work, I've done some customizations on it. I really...
  2. Vehicles
    Greetings i want to buy multiple vehicles under a business. I am wondering where I can go for financing and how I can get commercial insurance that is reasonably priced. Does anybody have any experience with this type of financing? and also this type of insurance?
  3. New Jersey
    If this has been answered definitively elsewhere then I'm sorry for starting a new thread on this topic. I did find some tangential posts and read those. What I am trying to define is what cars are acceptable (an unacceptable) for UberX and XL. Uber's info for NJ states: Uber XL: 4-door...
  4. Vehicles
    Does anyone know if uber eats in savannah-hilton head allows delivery by bike? I signef up to drive in austin,tx and I'm relocating to savannah, where I want to continue to deliver by bike. Please don't suggest I check the app or site, it gives me the general message about bike/scooter...
  5. Autonomous
    BostonGlobe By Hiawatha Bray, April 2017 In a perfect world, cars and trucks would never turn left. Left turns waste time, gas, and are dangerous for drivers, oncoming traffic, and crossing pedestrians. So imagine teaching a machine to turn left - in Boston's infamous traffic, no less? A...
  6. New York City
    There are really good 2009 cars selling for 10k with almost no mileage... I thought those were good until (including?) 2019, but now i see there is a 7 year limit... i am very confused.
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    Anyone in Toronto ubering manual? I never work rush hour I work off hours and middle of the night... I don't have a reg 9-5 job (don't have to do the whole rush hour traffic thing most days) Considering manual transmission. Also soo many drivers not much demand for full time earnings anymore...
  8. San Francisco
    It appears Uber has found a new way to take advantage of drivers and get free labor simultaneously. "The writer with the username "ryab012' starts off by warning others against wasting their time applying for an Uber ATC job. 'I believe the UBER ATC is disguising research as fake job...
  9. Seattle
    I'm currently leasing a vehicle through Uber's XChange Leasing program in Seattle. I am considering relocating to another state. Does anyone know if I would be able to take the current car with me or if I would have to turn the car in and lease another one in the new state? Providing the new...
  10. Vehicles
    I have been wondering for a while which vehicle is the best fit for Uber. Here are a few thoughts... 1) A vehicle that doesn't require a timing belt change or other expensive maintenance. 2) A vehicle that has already been hit with very heavy levels of depreciation, but still looks nice...
  11. New Jersey
    Just curious if anyone knows if it works or not, and/or works well. I believe it basically mirrors your phone display, it would be nice to ditch the dash mount once and for all.
  12. New Jersey
    Full disclosure up front, I'm not getting another car solely for Uber/Lyft. It's a personal need as well, and it will be nice to have my own car dedicated to my purposes that I don't have to yank car seats out of and set up. I wanted to go with a larger SUV for XL trips, but that's not going to...
  13. Orlando
    Does anyone know qualifying vehicles?
  14. Vehicles
    Can someone repost a link to this years Uber Vehicle Attrition Table? Changes to acceptable vehicles per platform per vehicle year. Thank you. I saw it earlier this month and I know it has a February Effective date, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks guys! Mrs Uber Jax
  15. Vehicles
    Hi my name is Branden and i was recently working with uber up until a week ago I got into an accident that damaged my car to the point that I cant drive for uber. Uber was my only source of income and transportation for my family. I'm unable to drive with the current damage to the car. I was cut...
  16. Complaints
    You would think it's common sense to have a picture of the vehicle you're driving in the profile so the rider knows what to look for when u get there. They only have a picture of your face.. The last thing someone is looking for until they find the car. I contacted Uber & so far they said that's...
  17. Washington DC
    Dear UberPeople community, Before reading this, we want to make it clear that your feedback on our startup is extremely valuable and important to us so please, after reading this, send us a message and let us know your thoughts! We are iRideShareDC, a Washington, D.C. based company and our...
  18. Advice
    Has anyone been able to merge vehicles? I will give you an example: Adult 1 has vehicle A Adult 2 has vehicle B Trying to set up where both drivers can have both cars added to their accounts
1-19 of 20 Results