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  1. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    I have noticed no one tips now days ? I’m 5 start driver and used to receive tips before COVID .. anyone else have the same problem ?
  2. Portland
    2 things... Remember to file form TM. Does not matter where you live, if you drive in the TriMet zones you need to cough up $199. Per year. Also if you have not already gotten an exemption to the business license requirements for Vancouver, do it. Vantucky popo can stop at will and demand it...
  3. Portland
    Hey people, I'm thinking of trying to have a driver meet-up. Not HOSTING it which would imply that I'm buying stuff for people, just creating a driver gathering. Why? To meet some fellow drivers and maybe help some people out. I believe knowledge is power, and maybe a little extra understanding...
  4. Vancouver, WA
    The app says that all tips we generate Fri the 8th will be matched as donation to Friends of the Gorge
  5. Portland
    For every dollar in tips today Left will match and donate to Friends of the Gorge. That's what the app says anyway.
  6. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    Hi everyone! Looking for some help. I'd like to book an Uber ride from Abbotsford Airport January 18th just after 12 noon to the ferry in Tsawwassen. Seems like I can't prebook rides, and I'd also like to find out what the fare would be like. If someone can help me out that would be great...
1-6 of 6 Results