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  1. Stories
    So who else drove on Valentine's? How was it? I chose to drive Valentine's evening. It was worth it. I earned more money in shorter period of time. I even decorated my car and added a candy basket. I quickly learned that it's better to just hand pax a goody bag with assorted candy before they...
  2. Sydney
    Is there an increase in Uber requests, during what times? I am guessing not really as Megan didn't mention it with a graph in her promotional newsletter.
  3. Lyft
    Did anybody else had issues when trying to call a Pax? My app would just dial and cut off and when I responded to the Pax texts they never got it
  4. Charlotte
    Did anyone work Valentine's Day? Uptown Charlotte appeared to be very busy. From 5am until 4:30 for me.
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    ..... I have valentine baskets for sale that I put together stuffed animal chocolate and xoxo decorations. 5-15 dollars..... other then that I'll be doing the Uber thing...
1-5 of 5 Results