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  1. New York City
    https://www.6sqft.com/adams-to-end-nyc-indoor-vaccine-mandate/ It’s finally over smh
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    This is the sign of the times that things are returning back to normal. Strippers need to be vaccinated to ensure that Covid 19 doesn't infect the patrons. https://www.narcity.com/toronto/toronto-strip-club-is-hosting-a-vaccine-clinic-in-june Stippers need to be vaccinated to maintain a...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello Bubberss, Does anyone know if Uber was successful in getting drivers included on the essential workers list so a younger driver can go get vaccine shot during Phase 2 that starts next month? You can read more on it here...
  4. Sydney
    I just read this... ABC Article "When will I get the coronavirus vaccine? Who gets the vaccine first?" Does anyone know if drivers will be considered "critical" or "high risk" workers and therefore get access to the vaccine faster or will we be waiting until the end? I think Phase 1A may start...
  5. New York City
    I think tlc will force drivers to the vaccine or get suspended.
  6. News
    Uber Technologies on Thursday asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to designate its ride-hail and delivery drivers as non-health essential workers entitled to early Covid-19 vaccine distribution. The company, in a letter to the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization...
1-6 of 13 Results