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  1. Vehicles
    So my Altima is passing 192k and I am ready for it to take a dump at any time, not that there has been any indication it will, but I am ready. Not to go into discussion about my my 5,500 Uber/Lyft Ride Altima from 2014...Had some amazing times, but it is starting to look a lil shady lol, sound...
  2. Vehicles
    I'm considering purchasing a used Prius that's lower-down on the depreciation curve for ride share and deliveries as a side gig. I've been "experimenting" with my current car in order to get some numbers figured out, and see if I actually enjoy it. But I don't like the idea of using this car for...
  3. News
  4. News
    https://www.consumerreports.org/buying-a-car/how-to-avoid-buying-a-used-uber-or-lyft-car/ Vehicle history reports often don't say if cars were used as Uber or Lyft vehicles, which could have added engine wear and tear Vehicles used for ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft can get a lot of...
  5. Vehicles
    Used Car Prices Crash Most Since 2008 More here https://mishtalk.com/2017/03/20/used-car-prices-most-in-any-month-since-2008-only-2nd-february-in-20-years/
  6. New York City
    As a new driver gonna rent for a couple months then buy a new or certified pre owned car. If not new or certified pre owned then straight up ca$h....more than likely off of craigslist
  7. Singapore
    Hi all, I would like to check if i want to buy a renewed coe car (2016) to drive as uber driver. Can it be accepted? I would also like to know the process and anyone has done this before? please kindly advise. thanks
  8. Complaints
    Was broadside by a lady, she was 100% at fault and car is totaled. Her insurance is paying out $2,000 OVER what XChange Leasing paid for the car back to them. I Uber'ed 70 hrs a week and XChange just informed me that I cannot lease another car from them. I've been out of work 3 weeks and now...
  9. Vehicles
    Price S $23,500 Road Tax $684 / year (Excluding 2015/16 rebate) Transmission Auto Engine Cap1,498 cc Power80.0 kW (107 bhp) Reg. Date 23-Oct-2007 Mileage 110,000 km COE$17,941 OMV $16,167 Depreciation $10,047 / year No. of Owners 2 Type of Veh Hatchback Features Speed...
  10. Complaints
    I have 50 screenshots I'm in the hottest surge zone. Don't get a trip but when I do its 8 miles 15 minutes outside of surge zone. I've never been pulled into surge zone only repeatedly pulled out. I was in a area were surge is normal I was in the heart beat sat there and watched it start orange...
1-10 of 10 Results