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  1. Chicago
    Just wanted to share. The Wifey discovered this brand of cables (Mentiz) from Amazon. Been using the USB C version with old Quick Charger for my Samsung S8+ and been keeping it charged at constant 100% while driving. Old Anker Powerline II cable never got close. I bought another one and also...
  2. Lyft
    I am on my second LYFT AMP. The first one just could not hold a charge, so I swapped it with Customer Service at a local LYFT event. Both AMPs make this quiet-but-shrill squeal while plugged into my USB port in the car. It is subtle, but since I'm driving electric, my cabin is very quiet, and it...
  3. Technology
    Lots of drivers have noticed this and looked for help on this forum. Some answers have been provided. Obviously, being able to run multiple energy-intensive Apps concurrently on a cell phone or tablet continuously for several hours is essential for rideshare drivers. You may even see the cell...
1-3 of 3 Results