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  1. Stories
    How frequently do you and what method do you employ? I always wear shorts with enough leeway to haunch forward on the seat and snake it out, relieving myself into an empty cup, and then holding onto it (lid attached) until I arrive at pickup. Crack the door, pour it out while waiting for...
  2. Stories
    I'm a rider and I have a really weak bladder... So I had this ride for an hour straight and I started to feel the need to go after 20 mins into the ride. The destination I went to was really far so the car was always on the freeway. I was so thankful that my driver drove really quickly on the...
  3. New Jersey
    AH just PISSED on my backseat! I go to report to Uber, take pics of the mess, write up toe Pax/ride info, etc., but can't submit without a receipt. I was planning on cleaning it myself and seeing how much I could get for it. How do you guys do it?
  4. Lyft
    OK, so I had incident tonight I am not particularly proud of. I Canceled on a drunken, irate pax as he got out of my vehicle to take a piss. To summarize for the rest of you/my takeaway from this is, when you pick up a drunk passenger, CONFIRM THE STREET ADDRESS AND CITY of their destination...
  5. Stories
    So I have seen and cleaned some really crazy puke. Even had one guy lift up his skirt and poop on the third row floor board...10am on a Tuesday. Anyone else want to share?
  6. Stories
    The part at the end about leading to incontinence is especially troubling. Well, I'm off to the city. I'll be thinking about this video as I hold my pee for hours trying to find a public restroom. Oh, the agony, haha...
  7. Complaints
    Finally broke in my car tonight. Nice talkative girl a little drunk, hiccups et al. Drop her off, next pax informs seat is wet. Rated 4.95 on lyft, not anymore :mad:
1-7 of 8 Results