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  1. Vehicles
    How does this concept of nonlinear degrees of vehicle component wear relate to upfront fares/prices? Is it likely that Uber is subconsciously conceding these facts by setting upfront fares/prices accordingly because the shorter distance trips are very often, surge and boost notwithstanding...
  2. Sydney
    Hey Uber People, Hope you all had an enjoyable or money-making long weekend! A close look at "My Uber Income" (thanks ricdam!), I've noticed that just 7 weeks ago, and for many weeks prior, my surge income was averaging $-180-200+ on top of my base fare earnings. However, for the past 7...
  3. Canberra
    Upfront fares begin in Auckland (New Zealand), Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Perth and Adelaide on Monday 26 March 2018. Canberra is missing from from this list. So are Wellington (New Zealand); Brisbane and other Queensland cities...
  4. Canberra
    From reading the forums for the other cities, it’s apparent that their drivers have received an email from Uber foreshadowing the introduction of upfront fares. I haven’t received such an email. Have any of you Canberra drivers received it?
  5. Surge
    I just had an epiphany. It is embarrassing to me that it took this long for me to "get it"... We all know how good Uber is at spin. And clever gamesmanship. The devil is in the details, as they say, and this game played out in several stages over time with plenty of spin. It actually took...
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/09/uber-driver-pay-plan-puts-a-significant-risk-on-ride-hailing-service/ Gentlemen...I think we've had this discussion. In your agreement you agree to be not paid the proper fare.
  7. News
  8. Dallas
    NYC drivers are getting paid for the difference between rider and driver fares by taking a screenshot of the trip on the rider app at pickup and submitting to Uber after the trip has ended. Imagine if all drivers did this! NYC is so much better regulated though and Uber doesn't want to lose...
  9. Charlotte
    There are some rich-ass people in Charlotte and some damn good paying jobs. I feel our city can absorb perhaps 95cts/mil and 20 cts min plus a higher base fare. I know Uber is probably already getting those rates with the inflated upfront fare but one can dream.
  10. Washington DC
    Lyft rolls out upfront pricing, something Uber's had for a while. Lyft is such an Uber clone, except in the one area where Uber has an advantage over it: Uber shows surge amount in the trip request, Lyft doesn't. You play Lyft Roulette. https://thehub.lyft.com/blog/upfront-pricing
  11. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my SMS template that I use with every single ride to set certain expectations for the riders. You may adjust it to your liking and or perhaps share yours. About me: been driving for this company for just over 2 years. I have about 3K rides under my belt with...
  12. Toronto (Ontario)
    Drivers now have a valid and persuasive reason NOT to go through Drive Thru's...eg MCDS. Simply tell pax that Uber now calculates flat rate fares that don't include waiting in line in drive thru's. A good opportunity to get tips if the customer wants you to wait or do 'extras' outside of Uber pay.
  13. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Real nice Convo with pax... She said fare was quoted 25.. Payout after 20% is 16! So that's 4 they got from me and another 5 from her.. Without upfront her fare would be aboot 20-21. This has to be illegal in so many ways
  14. Toronto (Ontario)
    Do the upfront fares really disregard a longer route? or a preferred rider route that is quicker but longer? Do these upfront fares calculate routes that are always the shortest in distance no matter what time or distance it takes? This would mean no more preferred route for the riders. How are...
  15. Toronto (Ontario)
    Just opened the rider's app and saw good old surge signs at UberX and others. Did uber screw up with upfront shit finally???
  16. Phoenix
    its time to get smart and play uber against their own game. We all know by now that there's a uber slush fund for up front fares. If you don't many threads on this. Ask them do you have a preferred route? most pick ups are out of town visitors, if so take a longer route. It's easy to do, ok...
  17. Dallas
    Back before I was deactivated; pax kept asking me what the fare was way more than usual, esp DFW airport pickups. I couldn't show them since trips were taking forever to process but I informed them about $1/mile off surge + $1.75 + $2 airport fee. So then I found this. TK really wants that...
  18. Toronto (Ontario)
    I just got an email from Uber saying they are introducing upfront pricing for riders in Toronto. So if we the drivers have to take a longer route because of traffic, construction etc we will not be compensated? I hope this is not the case! Sometimes people are in a hurry so I take a bit of a...
  19. Singapore
    Finally they announced... Today, we’re introducing upfront fares for riders in Singapore because it’s simpler for passengers and means more business for drivers. Riders use Uber more at the busiest times when they know the cost of a trip in advance. Upfront pricing for riders does not change...
  20. Dallas
    I just got this message this morning in Dallas. How this can account for detours or accidents or road construction I have no idea, but I have a feeling this is one more way to F us out of money.
1-20 of 21 Results