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  1. Lyft
    So, while we don't know exactly what the riders are paying, unless we ask, Lyft is screwing us all. Out of the people I have asked, Lyft is taking 55-75% of each fare. I started tracking "actual" versus "rate card" (which are still bs rates). Took out the bonus/surge rate and tips from the...
  2. Melbourne
    Yesterday, a reservation trip from Glen Waverley to Malvern (approx 10km) for approx $15, which is OK. But after picked up the rider, she requested to add extra stop to Airport, which ended the trip with approx 49km. Under only paid $26 (which is original $15 + tolls fees). I sent fare review...
  3. Pay
    What are the parallels between trucking and the ride-sharing and courier industries? Huge Hint: rideshare and courier are considered spot rates now in all the new Upfront Fares markets as of 2022. Why This Economic Cycle is Different for Trucking
  4. Complaints
    As of today at 8:45am. No upfront pricing yet. I talked to Uber support and, of course, they don’t know anything about the new fares and $100 promotion.
  5. Adelaide
    Anyone else being ripped off with upfront fares? I did this trip during peek hour morning traffic and I should have been paid $52.69 before uber fees, Total Fare=2.2+(0.4 x 37.9)+(10.37) X 1.9 Surge = $52.69 Total fare rider was charged = $44.97 the drop off location was changed (two drop...
  6. New York City
    will think if it's a best ride it should be a lot of money , guess what you are wrong, this is a best ride because with Uber's upfront pricing they made minus lol
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Uber-Drivers-Win-Legal-Battle-in-Nationwide-Class-Action-541591 I love California. If you are unhappy you can just sue. Now when do we get paid back??
  8. Advice
    Would it be ok to offer 25% off to someone on a rideshare? Like use venmo and tell the pax that youll offer them 25% off of ubers bull**** upfront pricing if they pay you on venmo or cash. I was thinking thats literally the greatest way of combating ubers garbage system.
  9. Dallas
    First drivers file a class-action suit due to rider/driver fare discrepancies. Now riders do the same. https://www.fastcompany.com/40424171/lawsuit-accuses-uber-of-fare-fraud Uber could have simply made an upfront price estimate and then displayed the minutes and miles in the estimate. So the...
  10. Washington DC
    Should we be worried about this? I've always try my best to defend this company, but it seems that even the passangers will have to try as hard as I do:confused:
  11. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Interesting read... https://qz.com/974892/ubers-upfront-pricing-is-helping-it-overcharge-passengers-on-uberx-and-other-private-rides/
  12. Advice
    So I'm a self-admitted idiot who didn't opt out of the binding arbitration clause as I was "too busy" at the time to do the research and send the email. Now that upfront pricing has hit my market and all the lawsuits are being settled out (or don't apply for my state) , I'm rather pissed off...
  13. Complaints
    My car broke down and will likely cost a couple thousand dollars to fix. I've taken in roughly $9200 in revenue this year but figure I've spent close to $2000 on gas and repairs and now this $2000 repair leaves me with like $5000 for almost an entire year of part time driving hell. Uber's cut...
  14. Toronto (Ontario)
    I had a uberx fare yesterday that was off by $2 when I did km + time + base fare, and they replied with: "However, your trip was not based on $0.81/ km computation because it appears to be an upfront fare." Isn't upfront still calculated by base + time + km? I need to respond back to uber and...
  15. Complaints
    don't let this upfront fare scam fool you. riders are getting overcharged and drivers are getting zero of the overcharge. It's a way to raise rates without letting the driver in on it. More outrage please!
  16. Charlotte
    New rider app rolling out. Let the fun begin. And Uber is still pulling that upfront fare BS.
  17. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my SMS template that I use with every single ride to set certain expectations for the riders. You may adjust it to your liking and or perhaps share yours. About me: been driving for this company for just over 2 years. I have about 3K rides under my belt with...
  18. Pay
    Rider paid $31.44 upfront Breakdown Fare with booking fee was $28.25 Overcharge: $3.19 I got ZERO over that overcharge. This is Uber's way to raise rates without letting riders know and without having to give a dime to drivers. Wtf. Ask your pax what they paid.
1-18 of 18 Results