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  1. Advocacy
    Okay, LIFT/UBER Drivers, we all already know we are being robbed by those 2 crooked companies. We also know we cannot fight if we are not united. So, this is what I propose: Let's organize a LIFT/UBER UNION made of all DRIVERS!! It is not hard to do. Let's create a list of petitioners, then...
  2. Advocacy
    Unions can work for Drivers. :) Organizing is possible among Drivers. :) Drivers will work together for their common good. :) There have been even more successful Lawsuits benefiting Drivers. :) However, it only seems to happen in limited locations. :( The reasons drivers need to organize to...
  3. Advocacy
    Anybody familiar with this new attempt to organize drivers. supposedly they are developing a new and different way (not yet released) for drivers to organize and communicate. I believe that you can browse the web site without joining by logging-in using the "demo" username and password. Of...
  4. News
    Tom is calling on drivers to organize and stand up for your rights!
  5. Advocacy
    Many drivers have a local union that they are unaware of, but may choose to join. Organizing has historically been one of the best ways to acquire the power and a voice with corporations that ignore individual workers. Some focus on Uber, others include Lyft and all rideshare drivers. Here is a...
  6. Advocacy
    Unions say they help members get respect, be treated fairly, have a voice, get better wages and benefits from large corporations, like Uber. Do you think that Uber is terrified of unions? Uber lost a Seattle lawsuit...
  7. Worcester
    Hi everyone, please take this survey if you would like the Independent Drivers Guild to start organizing in Massachusetts: http://idg.ms/DriveMAsurvey You can read more about what we have in NYC and about the IDG here:http://bit.ly/2apc48d The IDG is a coordinated voice to help push for policy...
  8. News
1-8 of 8 Results