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  1. Adelaide
    I caught an Uber today which I rarely do... The driver was nice enough but a bit distance...that's fine I don't expect to be entertained however the personal presenation was lacking so much I thought I would get an idea how everyone presents themselves. This guy looked like he threw on the...
  2. Chatter
    I have discovered the secret proposed official uniform for drivers that Uber is now considering introducing and making mandatory. This would be in addition to "trade dress" signs. Pictured are the "Ride Uber!" girl and the "Uber or Die!" guy. :D Don't like them? I think they'd both be too hot...
  3. Chatter
    They say that clothes make the man. Dress for the job you want not for the job you have. Women have more choices than men on what to wear. What do you wear? Me? I'm finding out that if I wear more comfortable clothes and not denim jeans, I can drive longer.