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  1. Stories
    On Sunday, I drove a woman to LAX airport from the Hollywood Hills... about a 45-minute drive. When I arrived to the house, I waited a few minutes. Then all of a sudden I just see her appear behind my car, just staring, stone-faced. I was confused at first, but later realized she probably...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Why did Uber not keep the toggle switch for the online and offline? Now I have to change screen to go offline? Do the Uber software engineers actually use the app themselves? :confused::confused::confused::confused: Even the Lyft App has a toggle switch for online and offline. WTF...
  3. Washington DC
    I have noticed since the CEO change, Uber's customer service has gone to shits. It has become so horrible. It's like talking to robots who spew back the same pre made responses in the negative. They are so unreasonable. Example, 2 days ago, I drove 5 miles to pick up a passenger whose pick up...
1-3 of 3 Results