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  1. Ratings
    I have been driving for a long time on both platforms, but I got a 3 star rating some time this past week and I just don't understand what I could have done wrong!! The jerk pax are so .... jerky sometimes, and I can't figure out why I would be down rated FOR NO REASON!!!!!! - when I have to...
  2. Advice
    Hi guys, any chance you can help? Been on the platform for just over a year now. Done over 3,000 trips with rating at 4.84 at the last check. Had my first suspension after a first time rider made a naively, perhaps false allegation of fear for own safety. Thank goodness I followed my 6th sense...
  3. Ratings
    It seems lately that I have been getting some more entitled and obnoxious passengers. Two of them were on NYE, no surprise there. You can go back and rate these riders what they deserve by clicking on the fare amount after its posted, "rider feedback" then "change my rating for a rider". It also...
1-3 of 3 Results