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  1. Pay
    What gives, again I am not paid for my qualified rides this weekend, (the extra $120 guarantee) I worked 22 rides within the given time frames and instead of giving me my well deserved 120 they give me 50 for 10 qualified rides. These people really get under my skin, do I love that this is a...
  2. Advice
    This post is seeking information, asking for advice, and just plain b1tch1ng. Didn't know what forum to put it in so chose advice. Issue: It appears Uber is skimming tens of millions of dollars from their drivers. Please read on and reply if you agree, disagree, have other sources of data, or...
  3. Pay
    The UBER experience has been crushed by the latest price cuts. XL is a loss. The rate cuts have "cheapened" the UBER experience. NO MOTIVATION TO DRIVE. Sitting out this Saturday night for the first time since I started driving. THERE'S NOTHING IN IT FOR ME.:(
  4. Advocacy
    Please first read: What a Driver found out when he asked his matched UberPool riders how much they paid! Uber is a Limited Payment Collection Agent between the Drivers & Riders, per it's contracts with Drivers & with Riders. But, on Matched UberPool Rides, the Fares paid by Riders are higher...
1-4 of 4 Results