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  1. Lyft
    On this weeks email from Lyft Community Digest, They answered a question I keep seeing posted everywhere regarding giving rides to minors without adults. Looks like Lyft is reading up on these boards too.
  2. Advice
    I was just informed that Uber sends the panic Guaranteed $XX / hour notice out to a larger service area to over flood the market and then prevent any surge rates with drivers from out of town?
  3. Miami
    Hello, Attention all drivers. Please go to the meetings in person or send someone on your behalf, preferably an attorney. At these meetings we should request a maximum percent no matter how uber charges us drivers of 10%. That way all the money goes back to the drivers and not too San...
  4. New Jersey
    It's time to organize. It's been shown it can be done. We can start it. If they did it, so can we! I'm looking into tax codes now. It can be just NJ Drivers...
  5. Advice
    A recent poll shows that 70% of business travelers are using ride-share like UBER and LYFT. The most popular UBER service is "UBER-X" know for being friendly and thrifty. The cost for UBER-X during non-peak periods is 10 cents per minute and 85 cents per mile, with a minimum charge of $3.50...
1-6 of 6 Results