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  1. Brisbane
    It’s against Ubers policy to pick up riders under the age of 18 or risk being deactivated! DIDi & Ola also have the same policy - https://help.uber.com/driving-and-delivering/article/requests-from-underage-riders---?nodeId=43b84de6-758b-489e-b088-7ee69c749ccd
  2. Sydney
    Uber doesn’t allow under 18s in N.S.W https://help.uber.com/driving-and-delivering/article/requests-from-underage-riders---?nodeId=43b84de6-758b-489e-b088-7ee69c749ccd
  3. Canberra
    Uber doesn’t allow drivers to pick up riders that are under 18 unless an adult accompanies them - https://help.uber.com/driving-and-delivering/article/requests-from-underage-riders---?nodeId=43b84de6-758b-489e-b088-7ee69c749ccd
  4. Brisbane
    Just a reminder now schools gone back that under 18’s aren’t allowed unless accompanied by an adult - https://help.uber.com/driving-and-delivering/article/requests-from-underage-riders---?nodeId=43b84de6-758b-489e-b088-7ee69c749ccd If you in an accident or the passenger slips & falls hoping...
  5. Miami
    The attached article is trying to tell parents that letting their teens under 18 years ride with Uber & Lyft are against their rules. Not in the article, but Uber is claiming that if minors ride their insurance will cover them, I have my doubts. Does anyone have the terms and condition from...
  6. Connecticut
    You the driver are personally libel if there is any problem with an underage (18) rider that is not accompanied by an over 18 rider. It does not matter if the request was placed by an over 18 person. It is a violation of Uber's TOS and you are NOT covered by Uber's insurance. This has been...
  7. Lyft
    On this weeks email from Lyft Community Digest, They answered a question I keep seeing posted everywhere regarding giving rides to minors without adults. Looks like Lyft is reading up on these boards too.
  8. Lyft
    Online for 2 hours during the "prime" time and I get one ping, 2 minutes from me. I get there and the rider looks a bit under-age.. I ask how old she is and she tells me "15".. I tell her sorry, can't take you it's against the law (California law) and against the rules.. She looks shocked and...
  9. Miami
    I recently had an experience on a ride request submitted by a 16 year old kid. I was concerned when I found myself with my suv packed w a bunch of 16 yr olds some perhaps younger and no adult. Anyone have any similar experience? I have reached out to Uber to get clarification on their policy...
  10. Miami
    If you are picking up under 18 year olds Uber likes you! Uber has nothing in place to cover the driver/rider if something happens. They are getting a free ride. Accident - Uber's insurance will say sorry no coverage - rules say no one under 18 She said - he said - Uber will not hire the...
1-10 of 10 Results