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  1. London
    Im going to plate my 2015 Audi Q7. Its reliable, not too thirsty on mixed roads, and seats 6 plus driver and its luxurious. Anyone out there seen an Uber Q7 or have one ? I will only do XL, so wont be doing short / low pay trips - hopefully groups / airport runs Any opinions / suggestions ?
  2. Las Vegas
    Need to get a new, slightly used vehicle and wondering if upgrading to Uberxl is worth it in Las Vegas. Thoughts?
  3. Brisbane
    When my Dad wants to go to the train station, he requests my vehicle which is an UBER XL and things happen normally from there, he pays the UBER fair, I get the money and 5 stars and thats it. Is this allowed since he is a family member and lives in the same house as me? Thanks
  4. Vehicles
    I am totally new, just signed up to drive. I have tons of questions, but here one. I have a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab (seats 6, including driver). I am listed as Uber X. My questions is shouldn't I qualify as an Uber XL? I called support and that said that they would have to look to see if it is...
  5. Canberra
    Email received from Uber on Wednesday 23 January 2019: We're trialling UberXL in your city From Thursday 24 January to Thursday 2 May 2019, we will be trialling UberXL in Canberra. If you've got a larger vehicle like an SUV that seats 6-7 riders, you could be eligible for UberXL trips. What...
  6. Advice
    Hi, I have been working on Uber X for a while now on a 2018 Camry and I have a rating of 4.90, I was renting the car but now I am looking to finance my a car either a Sedan Hybrid(new) or a 2015 Chevy Suburban! Should I stick to uber X or go for the Black? What do you drive and suggest?
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Here is the email I got on May 16, 2014 introducing uberXL. To help officially kick off summer and celebrate the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, we're launching our newest car type - uberXL! With room for your whole entourage (up to six passengers), uberXL is comfy, convenient and low-cost. You...
  8. Sydney
    I picked up 5 people for an XL job last night, first time a PAX called me to check how many seats I had before I arrived. On the journey, they explained they waited a while for a previous Uber XL, who once he arrived explained he could only take 4 passengers and asked them to cancel and cop a...
  9. Stories
    Unfortunately right after Uber won the case against TfL it started to take it on drivers and threatening them with deactivated their accounts temporarily or permanently if they Don’t accept jobs and take their confirmation rate to at least 80% although they still saying it’s within our right to...
  10. Albany
    I'm considering trading in my Chevy Equinox for a Chevy Traverse so that I'm eligible for UberXL? Are there enough UberXL requests in the Albany area to make it worth it?
  11. Miami
    I've been noticing lately that a lot of solo Riders seem to be choosing Plus or XL. This morning I had a woman going from Bay Harbor Islands Fort Lauderdale Airport who requested a plus. She was by herself and had one small carry on. This is happened a few times in the past couple of weeks. Do...
  12. New Jersey
    This is for the old school drivers (like myself). Remember when you were able to make money driving for Uber? I want to see stories or pictures of some money making rides. Old surges or even old rates that worked for us. Even some good weeks or weekends. Let's see what you guys got! UBER ON!!
  13. Buffalo & Rochester
    Just wanted to tell my story with UberXL, I started driving Uber/UberXL with a Chevy Trailblazer, I would get one or two uberXL a day if I was lucky, Some from the airport , But my big days would be the Chippewa/Allen street night crawls with a group of 5-6. Sometimes it seemed the pay was worth...
  14. News
    http//www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/02/1600_dollar_uber_ride_story.html After a night of partying with buddies inMorgantown, W.V. last Friday , Kenny Bachman thought he had called an Uber to take him back to where he was staying near West Virginia University's campus. Kenny Bachman...
  15. Vehicles
    Hi, I am thinking of buying an AWD SUV or minivan (8-passenger) and joining UberXL and UberSKI. As I am in a border area, I'd like to work both Nevada (Carson City and Reno) and California (South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Truckee). I plan to work 40 hours per week, from 8 to 5 PM, Monday through...
  16. Reno
    I am going to be joining UberXL and maybe UberSKI. I live in Carson City and plan to service the Carson City and South Lake Tahoe areas for 40 hours a week. I really don't want to go to the Reno, unless I have to, for the same reasons I would not want to go to Las Vegas (as President Trump...
  17. Vehicles
    I am thinking of buying an AWD SUV with roof rails and a ski rack and buying snow tires so I can become eligible for UberSKI in Reno. This will cost me about $3,100 extra. The car will last two years before I trade it in. Is it worth it? Otherwise I am going with a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey...
  18. New Jersey
    The yearly summary won't download when I click on it, but with other years I have no issue. Also there's no 1099 yet to download? Uber's always right on schedule!
  19. Phoenix
    Hi guys I just stepped up to Uber XL after 2 years on x I have a 2008 Nissan Armada being that the gas mileage is not the best what is some advice that I can do to make my outings profitable... should I run both sides X and XL or only do X when there's a surge any helpful hints would be greatly...
1-20 of 91 Results