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  1. Stories
    I was shocked the other day to see the Uber logo outside what looked like a 2010+ Chevy Silverado (it had four doors). With the rates being as low as they are in my city ($0.75/mile), I can't figure out why this would be a profitable venture. Last I checked, you can't get a truck via the...
  2. Introductions
    I have been thru alot trying to do my TLC license and stuff and all I see on here is a bunch of negative minded crusty poop sniffers.. like, are u guys even serious? if u hate uber that much, get another job, do something else with your life instead of ruining other people (soon to be drivers)...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Getting tips may help the driver's mood. do you agree?
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    Let's make it a grassroots protest...Every Uberx driver should write "TIP YOUR UBERX DRIVER" on the restaurant copy of receipt when you dine out. Spread the word..............Keeping drunks off the road and safe rides home in personal vehicles are worth a TIP. How much is your life worth? Isn't...
  5. Houston
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here - so apologies if someone else has already started a thread on this topic, but I was unable to find anything. I started driving as UberX about a week ago and I have done everything to get my TNC License, finger prints, background check, warrant check, etc. However...
  6. Sydney
    This glowing sign will help your passengers identify you from far away. Will help earn you more positive feedback from your passengers. Price: $24.00 **Free Shipping (11 - 22 working days)** Included: -UberGLO -3.5m lighter socket power cord & non-battery type transformer...
  7. New Jersey
    Hi, I am one month old uber driver partner in NJ. I am driving a mini van and most of the ping I received is on UberX and I feel it's not worth to drive my big mini van for uberx ( 17 avg mileage) . Is there any option I can configure to receive only UberXL pings?
  8. Washington DC
    Watchout Washington D.C. drivers. Fuber is trying to fuhk its 20% commission driver. Im quite sure you have noticed that if you Accept a trip then Cancel it immediately state the Reason and most of the time its Other lately you will see this screen that says unable to log on because of to many...
  9. Brisbane
    Please read more here : http://m.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/tax-crackdown-on-uber-drivers-in-victoria/story-fni0fit3-1227560228998?nk=6f4a57934d551752f16d6c5ced5671dd-1444185952
  10. Sydney
    Uber have been quick to acknowledge and celebrate their success in Canberra. Yet UberX drivers and riders in Sydney are still seeking answers pertaining to the most recent RMS announcement. Allegedly 40 UberX drivers have had their vehicle registration suspended. The RMS have warned that these...
  11. Sydney
    The Taxi Council spokesperson was appalling, floundering from the start. There are a couple of gaping holes in Uber, insurance being the main one, why oh why can they not see it and use it to their advantage. . Maybe just like the riders (and the interviewer) who don't care about the...
  12. Brisbane
    Read more here. http://www.afr.com/technology/uber-driver-not-entrapped-court-rules-20150925-gjv0v5
1-12 of 12 Results