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  1. New Jersey
    This is for the old school drivers (like myself). Remember when you were able to make money driving for Uber? I want to see stories or pictures of some money making rides. Old surges or even old rates that worked for us. Even some good weeks or weekends. Let's see what you guys got! UBER ON!!
  2. Sydney
    Soon Uber will up their drivers commission up to 25% and drop their rates for the riders. This is exactly what they did with Uber Black. Uber Black 25% Uber SUV & LUX 28% With the industry being deregulated who will look after our interests?? Good times now how about when ride share becomes...
  3. Licensed
    Ever since Uber started UberX in late 2012, Uber has treated it's UberTaxi service as a red headed stepchild. It never introduced UberTaxi in any of it's dozens of new U.S. Markets. In the five markets (SF, D.C., NYC, Boston & Chicago) where UberTaxi was available, Uber worked to undermine &...
1-3 of 3 Results