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  1. Long Island
    Since August 15, UBER has cut earnings by %50 by eliminating the high surges, prior to the new app update. My gross earnings are %50 less than pre-august 15th. The only people I can blame are the "hobbiests" here, who are doing uber for fun or cuz they get a rise out of driving chicks around in...
  2. Long Island
    so, when you're driving for uber their insurance takes over, but any damage to your own car, you're responsible for the first 1k. Thats horrible.
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Uber is a liar, as a whole....they scheme and harrass and threaten drivers, they make up bullshit excuses to not pay up, they don’t listen to concerns, they don’t care about drivers safety, the agents are unknowledgeable in anything but talking their mouths off and they make me feel like trash...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    So here is what happened..... I was on a ubereats delivery trip and went into an apartment (19th floor). I kept knocking at the door for 20 minutes and nobody answered. The phone does not work in a closed building lobby so I had to come down to call the person. She picked up the phone and said I...
  5. Melbourne
    Hi Fellow Ants, Today I picked 2 school boys. They were rude, no thanks, no please nothing. When they left the car, guy sitting in the front slammed my door. I felt really bad and obviously 1 starred them. This got me thinking, let's make database of rude passengers. With their pickup address...
  6. Connecticut
    A word of warning to the 20% commission folks... So I have been battling with Uber for a week now on my pay being changed out of nowhere... after a zillion emails and praying to God Almighty for patience beyond my years... I finally got to the bottom of it.. 1. I was activated on Dec 5...
  7. San Francisco
    Whos still driving UberX at sf? Coz I quit a year ago. Any increase rate?
  8. Houston
    I got this message We noticed you haven't taken a trip in a while and we miss you! Have questions? Email us at [email protected] and we can help you with anything Awww how sweet ... they miss meeeeee Apart from the 2 rides i gave at the beginning of the month i haven't driven at all. The best...
  9. Atlanta
    Soooooooo my first day on DRIVING UBER.... online 5 hrs drove maybe 40 mins total 3 trips.... Made 23.00!!!!! Nawl....I cant get jiggy with that!!! Atl UBER robbing us!!!! Also 1 job was canceled in the process of me heading there.... I didnt even get compensation for that..... THATS BS!:mad:
  10. Pay
    Just finished my first day of driving for Uber. I am now realizing that I am a complete dumb ass. I just spent $30k on a car to be an UberXL driver. After breaking down my first day I earned about $7 per hour. Not a single request for UberXL. Most of my riders were about 10 minutes away and...
1-12 of 12 Results