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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I just realized I have the option to only get rides on Uberselect..and I’ve been picking up Uber X rides. I don’t know how Uber select works..if I just keep that as my only option should I go to a specific area? I have no idea how this works..any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  2. Tulsa
    Hi, I recently upgraded vehicles and now qualify for Uber select and was wondering if setting my trip preference to Uber Select only would be worth it? I understand it wouldn’t be be a good idea to do this on a week night. But how about on like Friday-Saturday night 10pm-3am? Any advice or...
  3. Denver
    I have had a few rides lately that billed as uberSelect. I noticed one tonight - told them their call came through as uberSelect but I'm not, and that they could cancel this ride and call another - they said to go ahead and take them (four, probably underage, children of rich parents). I told...
  4. Dallas
    It's time for UBERSelect drivers to refuse to take UBERXpassengers. We didn't buy our expensive cars, to take cheap fares. UBERBLACK had a strike in Dallas and won! We need to do the same, so all we get is SELECT fares. There aren't enough UBERX drivers in Dallas, that's why UBERSelect...
  5. Dallas
    I have a black car with tan interior. If the interior was black, it would be an UBERBLACK car. I qualified for UBERSELECT for a reason. I refuse to take UBERX requests. If all UBERSELECT drivers would do this, we wouldn't have 20,000 UBERX drivers in Dallas, TX.
  6. Advice
    A bit of advice for uberSelect and UberXL drivers. Have 3 profiles created in your account. Previously I had two: 1-uberX/uberSelect 2- uberSelect only After qualifying for uberSelect, I learned pax would request uberSelect during surge because it was cheaper than the surge rate. So I used to...
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    According to this chart, UberX drivers, whether part- or full-time, make around $16 per hour (or, at least they did in Oct. 2014). What about UberSelect? Do you, Select people use UberSelect Only, or UberSelext/UberX? If you divide your hours online in an average week by your weekly earnings...
1-7 of 7 Results