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  1. San Diego
    Decided to turn off UberX Share. Has anyone else done this? I drive in the morning when it’s super busy but I wonder if many passengers will be cheap and take the Uber share option and I just set myself up to waiting a long time between rides. I suppose I can always turn on UberX Share and...
  2. San Diego
    It used to be I get requests consistently, so I ask this to all my fellow drivers out there. Has it been unusually slow? I’m sure this is all of California and not just San Diego...it has gotten severely slow. Requests seem to only be one per hour, at least it was for me today. Now I been...
  3. Advice
    I frequently get asked from drivers if I accept Uber poor or express pool. In my opinion, this two features are setup for Uber to milk more money by taking advantage of drivers. I personally decline 9/10 Uber pool/express pool requests. There is only one circumstance I PRIORITIZE Uber pool...
  4. Complaints
    Every since I started declining every pool request, I'm very satisfied. ?
  5. Stories
    The dropped percentages in my acceptance rate are really badges of honor. :biggrin:
  6. Chicago
    This morning was decent with surges, yet I took one surged pool, which got matched with 2 more riders. $8.50 surge and $5 additional pick ups. After completing the trip I only see $6 for additional pick ups. It should have been $5+$5+$1+$1, right ? Emailed and called support multiple times, just...
  7. Complaints
    Lets decline every uberpool request. We are not bus drivers. Today I made a complain to NSW Transport about it. It should be illegal. If people want to pay less for transport better for them take a bus or train. :mad:
  8. Articles
    A couple of summers ago in the city, no matter what city you lived in, It was a great time to be a rideshare driver, or as more affectionately known in the inner circle, an ant. Tourists over here! Festivals over there! Race quickly fellow ants. Scoop up your fares while the surges still ride...
  9. News
    Full story: https://nypost.com/2018/10/25/uber-driver-says-he-was-attacked-by-passenger-who-accidentally-ordered-carpool/amp/ A Uber driver was bashed in the head with a brick when an irate passenger went on a rampage because he ordered an Uber Pool by mistake. Driver Joseph Gonzalez picked...
  10. Philadelphia
    Anyone else having a problem seeing new ratings and reviews? After I updated to the new app I only see the last 500 reviews. Thanks for letting me know
  11. Sydney
    Just like the stupid 1300 cabs ads. See all the uberPOO ads that come up on instagram and other social media. POO Pax being so happy and fist bumping each other in the backseat. What a load of shit. This is probably more realistic type of fisting they are thinking: This is also what the UBER...
  12. Stories
    I saw this on Netflix last night and was cracking up!
  13. Philadelphia
    I just picked up a guy that wouldn't say a damn word to me, not even confirm his name or anything; the entire ride he was starring at me and gave me the creeps! I thought for sure he was gonna murder me when I wasn't looking! When he exited my car, he slammed the door as hard as he could and...
  14. Sydney
    Just got this email: We Listened. Due to feedback from drivers complaining of accidental acceptance of UberPoo requests we now have a new and improved ping screen.
  15. Philadelphia
    I have been driving for Uber for about two months now and I have a few comments to make; not sure if everyone feels the same way! 1) Way too many Uber drivers in Philly :confused: 2) Friday nights, Saturdays and part of Sundays are most profitable 3) Monday is DEAD 4) Passengers are amazing...
  16. Brisbane
    Got a ping, 1.5surge, accepted of course. One second later Ola pings and it was just a reaction to accept. Whoops! Now I got two jobs so I head to the Uber customer thinking along the way how I’m gonna get away with this. I arrive at my Uber customer and he hops in I say “thanks for requesting...
  17. Sydney
    How do the CTP (10 cents a kilometre) and Passenger Service ($1.10 including GST per trip) levies apply to UberPOOL trips? Does each paying passenger simply pay both levies as though they were the only passenger or are these levies somehow apportioned between the paying passengers?
  18. Stories
    Asian Andy takes an UberPool challenge: "How long can he last until the driver gives him the boot" Warning extreme content some may find offensive! Last Driver deserves a medal.
1-20 of 217 Results