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  1. Philadelphia
    I wouldn't know since I never accept them, but can I still pick the first open mouth frown face? I'd imagine the first face is asking the pool pax to turn off their FaceTime, put on deodorant and stop eating french fries.
  2. Advice
    Hey folks, I have a very specific question: How, in general, as a driver, do I use the uberPOOL feature? I will also include some more specific questions below: If you're interested, here is my humiliating and frustrating experience from earlier this week: If not interested please take a look...
  3. San Diego
    So, got an UberPOOH the other morning in North County. Drove up, an older couple, iPhone in hand and four pieces of luggage. Did not start the trip, asked them where they're going, they going to border crossing for Tijuana airport. OK, explained that they ordered POOL and that they have too much...
  4. Advice
    Did you know you can accept uberpool request without having to pick up additional passengers? Yes that's what I said. Pick up your first and only uberpool rider and NEVER get the added riders again. Started doing uber 1 month ago and I've quickly learned how to say screw you to uberpool and I...
  5. Complaints
    So I message them about still getting occasional uberpool requests (yeah, even 3-4 a week annoy me, the letters make me want to puke) and ask them to fix it, they confirm I am opted out and proceed to tell me to uninstall the app and re-install it, I do just that and holy shit! I start getting...
1-6 of 6 Results