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  1. San Francisco
    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Let's gather at uber HQ 1455 Market, SF this Monday at 12pm.
  2. San Francisco
    Hello self-employed «PARTNERS», It’s time to protest in SF against Uber and it’s new no-surge/Payless policy. You guys make less than minimum wage in SF ($15/hr) We need about 200-300 uber drivers with their cars. UPD: We choose one of Friday’s, @ 1455 Market.
  3. Stories
    So guys i want to let you all know since i got deactivated in December i am so happy i am out of uber. First couple months i was trying to get back reactivated, just like many of you did. But uber policy is Once you out. you out forever. So after Amazon Flex came across. You deliver packages...
  4. San Diego
    Good Afternoon fellow drivers. I will be retiring from Uber indefinitely come the end of May and until then however, I will be driving after my work hours on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. My weekly goal for this will be 700 before expenses. I am confident I can achieve this goal and...
  5. Orlando
    Is this uber way to get drivers to continue driving after 5 or is this common for a Friday afternoon?
1-6 of 6 Results