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  1. New York City
    Hi all! Is anyone aware of a labcorp that do TLC DRUG TEST during the weekend? I don’t need an appointment, I have a letter from TLC for a walk in. Please advise! Thank you!
  2. Advice
    Hi, I have been working on Uber X for a while now on a 2018 Camry and I have a rating of 4.90, I was renting the car but now I am looking to finance my a car either a Sedan Hybrid(new) or a 2015 Chevy Suburban! Should I stick to uber X or go for the Black? What do you drive and suggest?
  3. New Jersey
    This is for the old school drivers (like myself). Remember when you were able to make money driving for Uber? I want to see stories or pictures of some money making rides. Old surges or even old rates that worked for us. Even some good weeks or weekends. Let's see what you guys got! UBER ON!!
  4. New Jersey
    The yearly summary won't download when I click on it, but with other years I have no issue. Also there's no 1099 yet to download? Uber's always right on schedule!
  5. New Jersey
    Apparently I hit a milestone driving for Uber! I wonder if I actually won anything? Maybe a new car? Maybe some type of bonus? Nope just an unnecessary email being reminded how much I slaved to Uber and in return got nothing from them. Oh well UBER ON!
  6. New York City
    Uber eats started as uber rush with 2.50 a mile.when they have so many delivery people with bikes now they dropped the rate down to 1.30. More delivery persons More bikes Less pings Less pay Just a reminder, the new delivery fare structure goes into effect tomorrow. New fare structure...
  7. New York City
    Work is very quiet today not so many people not even pool everybody sittn in airport lot
  8. New York City
    Hey everyone, I need a second job and figured Uber would be a great option, since i make my own hours and from what i understand the money is great.. should i aim for UBerx or Uber SUV? im in a rut and need to make the most profit in the shortest amount of time, what do you guys recommend...
1-9 of 9 Results