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  1. Miami
    so a lot of people have been boycotting uber pool for various reasons. I personally still take uber pools but not to make uber money but to stop them from stealing more money. How uber pool works 1st pax = regular discounted price payed to you! pickup...
  2. Complaints
    Now uber came up with "pick up upgrade" claiming to save you time. What it does: Basically if you're on the way to pick up a rider and there's another ping closer. You're automatically matched with the closer ping. What will happen: you were driving to pick up John which was 2.5 mi away but...
  3. Complaints
    Now you can't see UberPool requests as Pool because they removed that feat.
  4. Miami
    Just got this message: I guess a lot of drivers are gonna get deactivated after Monday for not uploading their inspections and Uber is desperate to try to get them to sign up. Again, without enough of us drivers to keep up the demand of riders, Uber is nothing.
  5. Stories
    UberFool strikes again. I heard that from a single 30 something woman today. She was afraid she would either be charged per rider or get stuck in stupid UberFool as it kept saying UberFool and asking how many people. So she has been selecting XL. lol
  6. Chicago
    Listened to a radio plug for everyone's FAVORITE rideshare service ... found it very interesting. Uber was trumping it's flexible schedule and mentioned how you can make some "extra money" driving for the company. Isn't that interesting? This company went from touting its "you can make $90,000...
  7. Miami
    One of the top driver complaints about UberPOOL is having to interact with the phone to accept 2nd riders...but not for long! Lmfao! Yes that's right - starting Monday Feb 1st, drivers in Miami will no longer need to worry about jeopardizing the safety of their passenger(s) to accept 2nd rider...
1-7 of 7 Results