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  1. Singapore
    Any Uber exec or Grab premium drivers here? I wonder how many passengers you can get only from exec or premium only?
  2. London
    So I have been hearing from people who have recently visited UBER Offices and newly joined UBER Exec that Uber plans to enforce all old and new Exec drivers to do X and Exec jobs after New Years. Anyone else heard of this?
  3. London
    Hi, Guys I am new with Uber. I've bought a 2011 Jag XJL fully loaded a lot of extras including rear seat entertaiment massage seats etc. and after a while, I've decided to get my Pco license and try to do Uber Exec. Uber said that if I want to receive executive jobs I need to have 1000 Uber X...
  4. Singapore
    Hello Everybody! Am thinking to invest to rent an Exec car. Would love to know anyone who is driving UberExec, how's the tph and passengers rate. How the passengers are like. Does anybody has good lobang for car rental companies that rent out UberExec cars? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Singapore
    Lets share the hotspots or recommended areas for UberExec and Execlarge drivers. Let the list grow~ and input valuable advise on where specific to wait on after midnight. Weekday (Day) - - novena - bukit timah Weekday (Night) - - habourfront - robertson quay Weekends (Day) - - Airport -...
  6. Advice
    Hello, I have been driving for Uber for a year now in London, I recently purchased a E class. My rating is above averege also I drive a car which is supposed to be an executive vehicle. With these in considerstion i should be upgraded pretty soon? But i know thats not the case. I have been in...
  7. Singapore
    Hi Brothers & Sisters, I driving UberX as part time now. I plan to quit my job and drive full time as Uber Exec. Anyone can advise me about Uber Exec? Feel free to whatsapp me @ 91162299
  8. London
    Dropped UberExec Passenger at Heathrow T3 and saw this after ending the trip. I am using a personal Android Device. I mentioned seeing the same thing a couple of months ago and was not able to take a screenshot due to which many people did not believe me but this time I managed to do so. Any...
  9. Singapore
    'New and improved' UberGLO. Helps passengers locate their Uber driver as well as facilitate faster pick-ups. Power source now has been directly connected to a car's power source, contrary to reliance on double AA batteries this requires a USB adapter, via an in-built transformer. Price: 19.00...
1-9 of 9 Results