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  1. Stories
    Thankfully with forums websites, when I hear other drivers having the same or worse stories, it just makes me feel better because now I feel more relieved as everyone has to through many BS! Just a shoutout.
  2. UberEATS
    For the past few weeks I have gotten a message from Uber via message not on the app, offering $100 if I do 30 deliveries and keep the acceptance rate above 50%. Support says to click on my face in the top right. My face is on the left. So twice I have been told I didn't get the money because my...
  3. Complaints
    Anyone else in NJ/NYC not receiving any quests? this is insane. I have friends who have received quests today but i didnt. Can anyone explain?
  4. UberEATS
    Hey! I'm still quite new to the game, working in Amsterdam. When I accept the order, and press picked up, the route it shows me is 5.9km long. Isn't the contract with Uber that they will pay me the distance they show me at the beginning of the delivery? Here, when 'picked up', they give me a...
  5. UberEATS
    Child at center of Renton AMBER Alert located; police looking for suspect RENTON, Wash. - The 5-year-old girl at the center of an AMBER Alert out of Renton has been located, according to Renton Police. The incident happened around 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Safeway parking lot off of Rainier...
  6. Tulsa
    Hello there, I’m hoping to get an idea of what the UberEats and/or food delivery market is like in the Tulsa area. I plan on visiting family in the area soon and will likely stay for a few months — and I’d like to deliver a bit on the side to keep busy. I have only delivered for UberEats/DD in...
  7. Las Vegas
    I’m moving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles since I can’t really afford to keep living here with 2 kids. I’m making about $1,200 weekly here but want to know how much is the pay in Vegas for UberEats. How’s the cost of living and also can making that kind of money be possible? Thanks
  8. New Jersey
    Now that I have your attention: what’s the typical pay like in Northern NJ doing Uber X & Uber Eats working 10+ hours a day? Screenshots of earnings would be nice :-) thanks in advance!
  9. Orlando
    I’m moving to Orlando in the next 3 months and before I move I want to make sure I can make it out there. Currently in Los Angeles doing UberEats and every now and then UberX when it’s dead. Will it be possible to make $250 per day driving 12 hours? Is that realistic for that specific market or...
  10. UberEATS
    This message does not contain a promo code, it's just a question. I got a message in my Uber Eats inbox this afternoon about the new Large Backpack with Double Expanding Pizza Pocket Kit. You can fill out a form and receive a personalized promo code so you can pay in installments. The code does...
  11. Advice
    I drive all the way to the restaurant and find parking on my dime and my time only to find some restaurants don't respect my time. Give restaurants that don't respect your time a 1star rating on Google for making you wait. I started giving restaurants a 1star rating on Google for taking their...
  12. UberEATS
    Hey, is anyone else only receiving tips but not their actual UberEats fares? I’m only receiving the tips, Uber is aware that I have made 10 deliveries today, it shows that part in the app but I have only received the tips for those deliveries.
  13. London
    Hi I signed up to uber eats in London and for dbs they wanted me to go post office I went there but the sterling company uber use are using American date of birth format which post office won't let me do verification and more than a week but no response from sterling regarding the issue What...
  14. Tampa
    Just wondering if anyone with experience in the region knows what restaurants are doing to prevent COVID-19 spread. Are drivers still expected to enter the restaurants to pick up? Do most people in restaurants wear masks? I'm guessing most deliveries are contactless. Thank you!
  15. Complaints
    I keep receiving this notice on the app but I don’t know why. I haven’t cancel any order even when some restaurants takes forever to prepare the food. How can a restaurant report my account when I have started all the trips. This is the notice. Every single month I get one of this. We noticed...
  16. Complaints
    Hey there, I recently got a National crime check for menulog and I also wanted one of uber eats. So,rather than going and paying extra for the exact same thing again. I informed the NCC to share my results to Ubereats which they share after paying a small fee. It’s been 1 week now Neither uber...
  17. London
    Hi all, I have a few questions regarding uber eats and was wondering if you could help out. Firstly, when do you enable "start delivery", when you arrive at the restaurant or when you finally get the food? Also, how does surge pricing work? If I am in a surge area and get the job, but the...
  18. Toronto (Ontario)
    No Uber, this delivery is NOT 0.8km, it's 10km. We shall let another lemming complete this order, thanks for trying though!
  19. Australia
    How do I provide proof of ID (Passport / Aus Citizenship / ImmiCard) when I do not hold a passport as I don’t have any intentions to travel, I don’t have an immicard or Aus citizenship as I’m an Australian which is clearly stated on my Birth Certificate & VEVO check? * UberEats
  20. Advice
    When is the big day we find out if UBer and Lyft will be either pulling out of California or suspending business until Prop 22 can be voted on? I have an opinion of course and so do you but the question isn’t about if AB5, Prop 22, or any other potential adjustment to current gig work is better...
1-20 of 500 Results