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  1. Ratings
    Last month, during my first month of UberEats, like many first time drivers I'm sure, I was like 'I'm going to accept everything because Uber will give me more deliveries!'. But after watching a lot of YT videos and starting to pay attention to milage vs fare, I recently started being a bit...
  2. Complaints
    Is this a new low for Uber drivers overall, or is it just new to me as of this month? My only reply to Uber is: Jesus Christ! See my trip counts (for rides and deliveries) and my "driving since" date and apply some common sense!
  3. UberEATS
    Uber Eats deliveries will be served by mini autonomous EVs in US markets starting this fall
  4. UberEATS
    Uber Eats now delivers office and school supplies
  5. Advice
    I’m referring to Uber UK, I just don’t understand how this is happening. So I sit and get the occasional order only. There is a group of 4 drivers who all stand together, they seem to be given every single order. It’s not by chance there is something they are doing, as one leaves the other...
  6. News
    How scammers target vulnerable gig workers, and why it may never end
  7. Delivery
  8. Pay
    Can this be right? I thought there was a maximum tip as a percentage (like 50%-70%) of the total original charge?
  9. Pay
    Can this be right? I thought there was a maximum tip as a percentage (like 50%-70%) of the total original charge?
  10. UberEATS
    It seems they had a rash of drivers parking down the street and just walking the rest of the way.
  11. Complaints
    Has anyone else being this outage? Making sure I’m not alone. I recently started doing UberEats because my AC hadn’t been working and I’m trying to work around it. I was doing it for 3 weeks and I was making great money because of the surges but then they suddenly stopped. I also haven’t been...
  12. UberEATS
    Full tank on my Corolla costs me around $60. I refuel 4-5 times a week and drive Uber Eats after main job 3 hours each weekday, 6 hours on Fridays and full 12 hours day on Saturday. I try to make roughly $700-1000 a week, put 40% aside on taxes. In conclusion after tax and gas expenses I'm...
  13. UberEATS
    Any other San Diego food delivery drivers experiencing this dead time? I’ve got Ubereats, Doordash, and Grubhub running at the same time and still finding it hard to get anything. At least anything worth it.
  14. UberEATS
    Hello fellow drivers. Something absolutely nefarious is happening with UE deliveries. I just talked to a customer and what he payed between delivery charge and tips was very different from what UBER payed me. Is this happening to anyone else? I’m feeling robbed. I have dozens of screen shots and...
  15. Complaints
    I just wanted to ask Uber Eats people here! Are you guys deliver a food 3miles drive for only $2 ?
  16. UberEATS
    Anyone can explain experiencing deductions from UberEats ?!! Uber took over 100 dollars from me randomly; which they apparently have no idea about. Near the deduction it says "SHELL ACCOUNT"
  17. Pay
    Hi guys, Unfortunately it has become unaffordable to drive for ubereats. With fuel prices hitting $2.45 per litre. How can we make money. They started giving a $13.35 bonus after the day but stopped. This company thinks it can get away with anything. Try giving your opinion or talking to someone...
  18. Complaints
    Starbucks does 1000s of delivery orders every day. You would think after all this time they would have figured out their bagging process sucks. Unless I'm very late for a pickup the order is never ready to go. The poor barista has to make the bag. (every single time they have a delivery order)...
  19. UberEATS
    Hi all, anyone else experienced uber not paying them the amount promised and when you call they give you the run around or blatantly lie and say they paid you when they didn't? I usually only uber drive when there are promotions cuz its not worth it for me otherwise. I did a promotion where you...
  20. Brisbane
    Why has Uber Eats got so quiet this week? Last week was dead too (especially Mon/Tues nights). This time last year I did $350 p/w on average making $50 per night. This week and last I could barely make $35 working from 6pm-9pm. Only From Weds night did I make above $30 with ease. Early Jan and...
1-20 of 500 Results