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  1. UberEATS
    Hi guys, my account got restricted 4 days ago cause of speeding. There system detected me ride motorvehicle (car or motorbike). In fact i ride my Electric bicycle and a lot of driver ride the ebike same like my one. And now they asking me to upload driver and car license. And i dont have any car...
  2. New York City
    My partner ordered ubereats one day and I heard the delivery man's phone go off as soon as he got to the door before taking the pic (I presume). This was middle of day mind you. And in the past when I temporarily used my partner's ubereats driver account, I wasn't doing GREAT, but I noticed it...
  3. Advice
    Yesterday I recieved one text from Uber it says , " the customer have reported about your order so please contact us immediately " Then I tried to contact through whatsup They sent me link to see my report and order .... when i clicked it , it asks me my password and email .... after...
  4. Delivery
    Who knows how to see the per delivery tip on a Uber Eats stacked delivery? I see only a total for the delivery and a total for the tips. I don't see Delivery A- 4$ delivery fee and 3$ tip, and delivery B 2$ delivery fee, and 5$ tip. I would see 6$ delivery fee and 8$ tip. I want to see the...
  5. Delivery
    Uber notifies me of a delivery - 138k (kilometers) for $25. It was two orders. Pick up and deliver 25k North West and then retrace the steps go 50K South East through downtown to cross a bridge to go up the other side of the river for another 63K North to do the second delivery. I have never...
  6. UberEATS
    Hello there, It's been few months now that I can't select the in-app navigation system from the uber driver app and Uber eats. When I go to the navigation settings, only 2 options are available : Google maps or waze open in a separate app. I used to navigate with the in-app uber navigation...
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    Bet most people would have cancelled this one
  8. New York City
    I am so far clean but I am curious, If Uber deactivates your Ubereat account to prevent You from doing any food deliveries then can You still drive Uber to give ride to passagers.
  9. New York City
    where is the busiest place in Queens, NY for UberEat delivery? I would really appreciate any tips that You can give me from Your experience?
  10. London
    I am doing uber eat using my car part time . But confused which method will be used for UK hmrc income tax submission. Simplified or total expenses. My car is old 2007 . I do not work too much as I do a job in day time. Weekly hours like 22,12,24,24,3
  11. Lyft
    Just when I thought Uber couldn't get any crazier with it's serious consideration of a drone delivery UberEats service. Keep this driver in your prayers https://www.foxnews.com/travel/lyft-driver-has-mental-breakdown-during-ride-california-passenger-says.amp
  12. Toronto (Ontario)
    I be been away not driving /log in for 2 months Now I m back and installed the new version Uber partner apps. But shocking to see there is NO ubereats boost in any zones and in any time. When I check the "see upcoming promotion", it says no promotion available yet and asked to pls check back...
  13. Australia
    we try to pick up the order as soon as possible, so sometimes we need to pass a tollway but uber didn't pay anything for tolls before picking up the order and it is not good!
1-14 of 14 Results