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  1. UberEATS
    Good article in the New York Times about delivering UE in LA. I was a mostly UberEats driver during Covid until they started allowing $2-$3 orders which made it too hard to break even. Biggest tip I ever got was $60 on a big Bertuccis order. The interviews in this piece are great...
  2. Advice
    I am very new and I have been under the impression based on my earnings that when I accept a pick up the amount shown at acceptance was the amount I would make plus a possible tip. Now I am seeing the tip was already included...ok fine. Today I accepted a $10 trip and after drop off I only...
  3. Indianapolis
    Rates go up? 22 an hour ? which are you doing: Uber or Eats ? What precautions are you guys also taking ?
  4. Charlotte
    I've been driving Uber Eats for the past several months, and all the weeks have had fairly consistent boost schedules/areas. This week, I open the promotions calendar to find not only is not a Quest, but the boosts are very erratic, with changes every 2 hours and large variation between days...
  5. Charlotte
    I've been driving UberEats in Charlotte for the past several months, and in each week there's been a "complete 65 trips, earn $175 extra" Quest. I logged in today to see there isn't any Quest. Anybody else experiencing this?
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hello, I have been driving ubereats from the same place for one year now and I make 50$ easily everyday. But this last week starting Tuesday I get 90% less. I was online for 9 hours and got 1 ping. Same story for Wed and everyday till now. I made 30$ in the whole week being online for over 30...
  7. Melbourne
    $26 in 3 hours chasing surge only. Anybody can beat that????
1-7 of 7 Results