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  1. Technology
    Anyone know how to fix this on an Android? The Uber driver app keeps switching off my WiFi connection on my phone. This happens a few times a day including overnight when I am at home with strong WiFi connection, don't have the app open nor my phone...as I'm asleep. How can I stop this from...
  2. Sydney
    I'm still using the original app and haven't even considered changing over to the new app since a storm of negative publicity appeared from Uber drivers. Are there many people still using the original app?
  3. Singapore
    Hi bros and sista, Anyone upgraded your iOS firmware and encounter any issues?
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So, there's a new feature on Uber called fradulent rider. I had a PAX request me on POOL twice, in the same area and then canceled twice. I proceeded to wait and sure enough he requested again. BINGO! ACCEPT END TRIP FRADULENT RIDER. When PAX's start acting crazy, Ill do it everytime...
  5. Orlando
    Not many cars on the riders app. My car not showing. Sent email to uber thru the driver app and nothing. Anyone else having issues?
1-5 of 5 Results