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  1. Complaints
    It got rid of pool rides so why wont Uber also get rid of XL vehicles from its platform
  2. Stories
    I was leaving my apartment complex earlier today when I saw this poor ant in his shiny Acura MDX helping a lady load a full size mattress, bed frames and a few other pieces of furniture. The most painful part, the lady saying "I won't keep you that long, we're only going to the Goodwill" (Which...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I plan to uber next month, wondering if the highlander still fits for xl? I recall that the highlander has only six seats. Any tips for new starter? Any location for xl trips in la, I have never uber before, I don’t know how to get started. Thanks guys!
  4. Washington DC
    This is a big problem for me as I drive an SUV that can only take 4 riders... The outrage and abuse from riders when they find out I can only take 4 is over the top... Now I immediately text all XL requests before I even move my car to go and get them.. Uber should add a pax count requirement...
  5. Melbourne
    It seems I average about $25 per hour driving UberX. I love my 2009 car and am thinking about updating to a newer 2013 model to qualify for Uber Select. Yet should I opt for Uber XL instead? I'd be buying secondhand. So, has anyone got any REAL data on average hourly income in Melbourne? My...
  6. St. Louis
    New driver and I was wondering if anyone else that runs Uber XL has advice on busy times and locations if any different from the usual?
  7. Jacksonville
    Quite fitting for (some) of my pax!
  8. Melbourne
    Received email regarding uber XL launch. uberXL Affordable, everyday rides for groups. Base fare: $3.10 Per km: $1.55 Per minute: $0.50 Anyone know how much is cancellation & min fares on xl?
  9. New York City
    I do not have a car yet and so I am weighing my options. Should I rent the vehicles I see on the Uber affiliate sites? They can be almost 450 a week! That's $1800 a month! <<< freekin' nuts! My other option is to buy a vehicle that's less than 30k and use that for rideshare driving. The...
  10. Vehicles
    I own 2 cars. One is a toyota van one is a Camry. Gas mileage isn't to much different. I'm selling one. I am going to start driving uber, is doing XL worth it? I don't really care what car I keep, but if xl isn't worth it I'll just do X with Camry. How many rides a day are people doing on XL...
  11. Chicago
    Hello all, I drove a mini van that just took a crap on me so time for an upgrade. I was doing uber x and xl. Looking for a new car now. My choices are the following: Acura Mdx to do select and xl. Toyota camry save gas. Toyota camry or Prius hybrid save even more gas. Lexus es350 to do...
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Just trying to eat
  13. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi, Can somebody please send me the list of cars which are eligible for doing XL, Select (Both together). and could you please tell me which one is the cheapest option to finance. thanks.
  14. Phoenix
    The airport is now busy and the night got spots were off the charts last night! In OT last night XL went to 3.5 and X 6.0. I was on a X ride with some very attractive people from Seattle on a short 3.5x. They were fun and easy on the eyes. I pulled in $30 in tips not bad for a Friday night over...
  15. Atlanta
    I’m looking for newest information on selections of vehicles to see what vehicle years, models and makes differentiates levels of service that Uber provides. For instance X, XL, Select, Black, Suv. Which Vehicle makes and model does Atlanta accept for different categories? Where do I go to find...
  16. Las Vegas
    Hi, This is my first post. I'm wanting to upgrade to a brand new car, and thought I may as well get one that would be possible for Uber XL also. I have seen that the Ford Transit Passenger vans are not accepted, but I am wondering about the smaller Ford Transit Connect? Lyft also does not...
  17. New Jersey
    I currently drive x and have a 2007 fully loaded Camry hybrid (35 mpg). Lately ive been wanting to switch to a used highlander hybrid or honda pilot. Is it worth the switch stricly from making money perspective. I'll appreciate feedback from those who are on xl platform. Thank you
  18. Atlanta
    It looks like I will be able to do Uber select since UBER SUV is now closed. I have an Infiniti qx56 black on black. What is your experience doing the higher levels In uber? Thanks in advance.
  19. Vehicles
    Hello everyone. Any of you guys drive one of these cars and do you have them on Select? I've looked at the select vehicle options and couldn't find these two vehicles. I know that Uber have put some vehicles on Select that weren't on the list. So was wondering if any of you guys or anyone you...
1-19 of 39 Results