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  1. New Jersey
    We had a little driver and former driver gathering last week. Drivers were discussing trends that they are seeing out there on the road in NJ and NYC. About a dozen drivers brought up various ridiculous situations of revenge ratings and professionalism reports from Uber VIP passengers. The...
  2. New York City
    I picked up a Uber vip in Bronx today. After they got on my car, I started the trip. The destination is upper Manhattan. After one block they told me I went the wrong direction, and they told me they are going to Bronx. I said “no problem, I will go around back.” But they required me to make...
  3. Pittsburgh
    Source: Uber Pittsburgh Email New rider loyalty program: UberVIP We are excited to announce the test launch of UberVIP on September 2. UberVIP is a rider loyalty program to help to increase your business by incentivizing riders to take more trips with Uber. To be eligible, riders must take...
1-3 of 3 Results