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  1. Chicago
    My Lyft rider this morning at 8am to ORD was struggling to get a ride for 30 min. She said they were going as high as $250. I accepted her ping at 400%PT Question: I hesitate to take Uber 45+ trip because I don't know if $12 gonna be adjusted to $20 or $50 or stay the same $12. Anybody took...
  2. Washington DC
    I was thinking about the fares of short trips with surge/boost which seem low compared to they used to be. Today I think I found out why. Before uber calculated the surge on the minimum fare. Not now? I think uber is cheating. They should be calculating the surge on the minimum fare.
  3. Washington DC
    lets set date we all turn off uber app for 2 days ! until uber change pay plan ! please advice me how i stop work for uber ☺️! i really hated i don't make money any more ! every day i make riders upset and i feel bad now ! I'm nice asian lady with big heart ! but I yell and scream on the...
  4. Minneapolis
    When Uber is Surging, I always turn Lyft off - even if it has a comparable Prime Time on the header - I can't tell on any given trip what I'm going to make - is there anyway of knowing what your Prime Time is on a Lyft trip? I'd much rather take a Lyft than an Uber if given comparable rates -...
  5. San Diego
    Clear skies around most of San Diego County with slight formations of Pink salmon clouds in the Downtown area. These clouds will usually dissipate as soon as you get to said area. If you happen to catch one of these clouds on a pool trip, chances are you may not even get wet from the $$$...
  6. San Francisco
    So I've been driving for over about 7 months and just about three months ago in April I started to notice that UberSurge would be bright red meaning 3.0 surge from Belmont All the Way South to Mountain View, Early in the weekday mornings like 5 a.m. So of course I go online while in san carlos...
  7. Albuquerque
    Albuquerque, As a fellow uber driver myself, what are your thoughts in uber ending surge pricing for us?
  8. Los Angeles & Orange County
    If I'm sitting in a surging area there's no way I'm accepting a ping from 10 minutes away that is not surging. I'll take the timeout Uber homie. How do you all feel about that?
  9. Jacksonville
    So guys I see that uber is making mo money mo money mo money and now taking 25% off the rip so now that will be about $0.50 per mile, I think its time to quit this is BS now they going to damn far. So they uped the rider fee so they can make more money then they are taking 25% for more money...
1-12 of 12 Results