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  1. Complaints
    I’ve been driving Uber rideshare for about a year and a half, but this weeks trip quest offers have officially forced me to explore other options for income! I remember a time when you would get $600 bonus for 100 rides. $85 for 100 rides now in Chicago is completely ridiculous. This is one of...
  2. Technology
    So I'm driving (I drive in Chicago) with an UberX passenger in My vehicle and a new Uber EATS fare pops up. I have auto accept turned on, for some reason when I'm on an UberX fare and I get an Uber EATS next trip fare...it accepts it, then cancels it right away... nothing I can do about that...
  3. Complaints
    We all recall several months ago when Uber changed the surge. This screwed many of us but at least we could carry a surge to our next ride and at least get paid something. Well it seems they have taken that away. Twice this week I drove through surge zones and app showed minimum surge on...
  4. Chicago
    First time in weeks I didn't get a premium run before 6 am on a Monday. In fact, I've gotten so proficient at it, I even have lists of Consultants who request every monday at the same times: 5:15, 5:30, & 5:45. This way, once I get back to DT after dropping my regular off, I know exactly...
  5. Stories
    With pax in car on Memorial Day, traffic was light. Driving speed limit which I try very hard to adhere too, a Seagull cam in front of my car perpendicularly. He/she made a sharp right turn and headed right at me. As the image of the bird became increasingly larger and headed towards my my car...
  6. Philadelphia
    Cut rates for destination filter than follow up by sending out this email.
  7. Orlando
    Is this new or has it been there all along and I just didn't notice?
  8. Complaints
    2 hours later and still no trips. 8 other drivers every few miles and I’m in a suburb not even a city lol No money at all it’s already Wednesday and I’ve made only $130.55 Since Monday morning. Minus gas, tolls, and lunch. So basically lost money.
  9. Complaints
    uber sucks was dropping off a rider when another car hit my car other driver was totally at fault but uber would not fight for their own driver uber is paying the claim less $1000 deductible no rental car no lost wages nothing admit it - uber is slave labor work all night to make $100...
  10. Complaints
    New app and you took away music? Seriously this was one of the most useful features on your driver app. Not only have you created a total dog of an app you removed this useful and convenient feature. You say you tested this app well you need to get better beta testers then! I wish I could...
  11. Long Island
    1:02 and uber paid me $9.26. So minus $4 for gas, my wage is $5.26/hr from Uber, thanks very much!!!!
  12. Long Island
    Cking lyft there is 7 regular lyfts in EH, but a 2.8 surge. 7 lyfts equates to 14 UBER s. Yeah in 3 hrs I made $27 last night, the $5 tipper gave me a 1 star. UBER sux
  13. Long Island
    $4.23 for my X fare of 6 min 11s, Uber gets $6.19, I drove 14.6 miles (pickup was 3 miles took them to a resteraunt 3.31 miles away. Door to door (started at my house) 32 mins. So at 2.65 a gallon (gas is going up) I paid $1.30 in gas, and made a rate of$5.93 PER HOUR MINUS depreciation of my...
  14. Houston
    I have always considered Unions to be the scourge of the enterprising businessman/woman. However, Uber has somehow managed to skirt every regulation that would require a business person to pay a living wage. No one in any position of power seems willing to step up and force them to do the...
  15. Orlando
    WTF!!!!!!!!!! What is your (F) ucking problem UBER?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who decides to cap the surge? Why do you (F) uck with Orlando drivers so much? Surged several times last night and not once did it pas 1.6 ( in Orlando)_
  16. Charlotte
    Make sure you ask them if they enjoy raping their drivers with upfront fare rip offs, fake surge, surge chases, asswipe pax, and $3 minimums.
  17. Washington DC
    Get your tickets maybe we can escape the uber life and get ubered around instead lol
  18. Philadelphia
    As if there wasn't enough to have to check, double check with our pay, now this: I have noticed since the upgrade at the end of last month--where they only show our take--that they are taking a larger percentage. Also, they are not paying the correct, or any, boost. Pfft. Another class action...
  19. Boston
    Hey Guys, Hopefully we all go an email this morning from Uber. About a new driver addendum to our partner agreement :eek::eek::eek:. After you read all the fluff in the email from Uber on how this change is for the driver. This is to address Upfront pricing. I love this part from the email...
1-20 of 54 Results